Monday, February 1, 2010


I went to the opening pf Cyber Arts Japan at MOT last night. It was a show that looked at the 30-year history of Japanese artists participating in Ars Electronica (Linz). Unfortunately the exhibition was over designed (lots of wall vinyl- including burnt orange circles) while managing not to give much information. Some of the artists names where in odd places- no translations on the wall panels. This might sound picky but their last show, a fashion show, was really well done. So in some ways this show felt dated and internal- catering to a an “in the know” crowd, which is a pity as there are some really interesting works that I would have liked to know more about.
One of the high lights of the opening was seeing Maywa Denki perform. He has made a series of odd electronic percussive instruments that he plays with others in live performances. They where interesting to see as objects but where so much more when animated. I have been fascinated with the different kinds of Japanese work uniforms, so enjoyed Denki’s use of workers outfits.
Another highlight was Yuki Suzuki- whose locked groove record is pictured 2nd from the top.
When I left the gallery it had started to snow. It was really beautiful and magical- perhaps not for those who take snowing as a given in winters but I think its only about the 6th time I have seen snow falling. It snowed for a couple of hours and in the end there was a small (10cm?) layer on the ground- I had thought it would last the night but it was melting when I woke up this morning. I had been debating whether to go down last night at midnight when it was stopping- I guess I should’ve- will know for next time. They have forecast some more snow on Thursday but I guess that could change.
more snow pictures here

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