Sunday, February 7, 2010

Oi Yacho Koen- third trip

Birds by Masato Degawa, Fuji-san and visitors centre by birdmonkey.
Spent windy cold Sunday at Oi Yacho Koen, a nice day including meeting new people and seeing lots of ducks, including the Common Teal and Tufted Duck (above).
Out the way out Masa told me you could see Fuji-san from the walkway bridge over the rain line. When I saw it I clapped my hands and squealed like a ten-year-old girl who has been told that she is going for a pony ride. I still don’t understand the pull it exerts over me. Even this pollution hazed view was exciting.
I have started to think about collecting views of Fuji has a work and see if I can meet any Fuji-san enthusiasts.
Sarah blogged her falling in love with the mountain from the top of the Town Hall. Does anyone have a favourite spot to view Fuji? Or a special story?
Happy Birthday Sarah!

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  1. I saw it from the Tokyo Metropolitan Govt office observation deck, at sunset! But the best place was from the train to Nikko, but maybe 'cos it was clear as.
    I like to think of you screaming like a girl, I am very happy for you.
    Had a great B'day celebration, thanks.