Saturday, February 6, 2010

light music

I rewarded myself for solving some of the problems I found at the beginning of the week by going out to a gig on Friday night at bar that had the odd name of Jazz & Gallery Knuttel House.

Yao, one of the artists on residence, uses fluorescent light as a sound source and performance prop/instrument. He has known for sometime about a Japanese artist, Atsuhiro Ito-san, who also uses fluros and was keen to see him perform while in Tokyo. As I missed the Now, now, festival, I needed my end of January music chaos so went along for the ride.

Watching Yao and Atsuhiro meet, and watching Yao take in the performance was a really nice event. Yao's instrument is quiet different and the texture of the performance is like sound becoming, rather than the guitar-like instrument and wall of sound by Atsuhiro.
The dynamic will reverse in a couple of weeks when Atsuhiro comes to watch Yao perform at the TWS Experimental Music festival.

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