Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Conversations with trees #1

This is a thread I have been thinking about a lot and for some time but was always too scared to start- too much to say, too overwhelming. But I am just going to start and not say much, but post a picture of a tree from outside of Tokyu Hands.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tokyo blur

The last five days have been a real blur- trying to see as much as I could and as many people as possible. Some snaps and images from the first couple of days.

Commercial gallery hoping with Reuben from
Artspace (now on internship at the Yokohama City Museum) and Will French, an Australian artist now at Tokyo Wonder site (check his site- nice work with flags and bicycles). It was quiet nice that day as it rained, so it was reasonably cool.

The galleries were a pretty mixed bag, with Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba at Mizuma being a highlight, especially two flag works that remixed the stars of the Vietnamese and U.S. flags. Here is a link to his current large project “Breathing is free”.

We ended up in Ildabashi the part of town where I was staying and ate dinner at a nice isagaya. It’s a fairly fancy part of town so it has a fugu restaurant in the main street. Eating this fish doesn’t appeal to me, they are fairly ugly, along with being poisonous. I like the ‘before and after’ set up, one window has the fish tank and the next is a display of what you will get served.