Friday, October 1, 2010

Japanese song I had to wait to come home to experience.

Which is not quiet true... I was there when a group of people left the after after Triennale opening party for one of the several palaces near our hotel, but after 3 weeks of intense work, I was just too tired.

My dear friend Bec, an karaoke enthusiast, was turning 35, an occasion to eat a lot of food and then head into the CBD to be serenaded by her. The name of the karaoke place is Echo Point, which I find amusing, not only for it's self referential nature, but as Echo Point will always be the Three Sisters to me- a sublime vista, rather than a dingy underground black box lite by black light fluros. (while I was searching for some information on the echo at that location, I came upon this delightful panorama, which pays more attention to showing the parking space available, than the view.)

Bec being absorbed by the screen.

Special inter-state guest Andrew.

Raybe and Andrew looking for obscure gold.

I sang a Shirley Bassey number, and one of all time Pixie favourites among others.


  1. Wish I could've come along, some other time!

  2. when you are out of art jail- i am practicing some Stevie Nicks to add to my Duran Duran performance. x

  3. I think we should all go to Echo Point after Sarah's show x

  4. For some reason this post has become very popular??