Friday, June 25, 2010

What I have been up to #2

The Metal plates: the chase was only just big enough to reach the length of the paper and print on all four faces of the folded Chapzine, so there was a bit of unconventional clamping going on.

Making the adjustments to the fine furniture. It was absolutely freezing this day- A typical snow day in Canberra- starts at the 'warm' 9 degrees then rapidly decends by 11am to -1 with large heavy grey clouds hanging low. The talk goes round the school where the snow is falling and the next morning the Brinabella's are dusted white.

The prints the stacking up in the holder tray.
Just the second side to do now..and I am running out of time TOTALLY- I leave for Japan in 3 weeks.. EEK!

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