Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pied Currawong and Magpie song

It's been a pretty full on today in Australian politics - after 48 hours of whispers Prime Minister Kevin Rudd stood aside for Julia Gillard- Australia's first female Prime Minister. It's been a pretty dramatic day but I hope this means that Labor is stronger against Abbott and that we don't see a return to a Liberal government.

The last 24 hours I have been hooked to ABC news TV there where so many crosses live to Canberra for on the spot interviews as the vote on the spill was happening and then the last and first address of the PMs- all of these interviews and comments where accompanied by the beautiful song of the Pied Currawong and Australian magpie, echoing off the concrete walls of the Parliament house- the back ground white noise of Canberra. It rang pretty clear and loud in all the interviews- their calls suddenly changing my sonic landscape and making me feel like I was in a drier cooler place. I loved that their song was oblivious to the momentous occasion- life goes on, as does the ring and warble of territorial calls.

Thanks PM Rudd, for the apology to the Stolen Generations, for signing the Kyoto Protocols, for appointing the first female Governer General: Quentin Bryce and for being the first Prime Minister to speak a second language publicly- especially the difficult tonal Mandarin, for basically not being your usual Aussie bully boy.


Fingers crossed for PM Gillard, first woman PM sworn in by the first female Governor General incredible!

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