Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Flashed flowers #9

From a callistmon street tree near the station, I am not sure what kind it is. It has a paperbark-like trunk and a downward branch growth. West German vase.

The thesis progresses... one more chapter to get to first draft stage, but it's the hardest chapter... the one that I am not sure what its purpose is.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

soccer cats

I've been busy writing the thesis so haven't had much time to write about the bird things I have been doing. So instead I will do a lazy post and re-post the videos of cats on soccer fields. Of course this in response to the Anfield cat who invaded the soccer field in the UK- doesn't too look panicked and gets picked up by one of the security guards.

Turns out he has a Twitter account (?) with 53,000 + followers. Most of the content are soccer jokes I can't follow.

Some other cat invasions
From a Barcelona game:

A longer version of the invasion from another station is here. The main picture is at 2:53 but before that you see it streak across the top left hand corner.

Ok do doing this post didn't take too long so I should stop feeling sorry for myself and post some more.