Monday, February 15, 2010

Decision time

White plum blossom- Engakuji
Domestic beauty with pink plum blossom
A house that looks like it belongs in Penrith.
Monday I went to Kamakura- essentially it was to see Fuji from the top of the mountain shrine at Kenchoji, where I had only a cloudy view on my last trip. I also wanted to think about recording there or whether to stick with Yoyogi Park, even though the background of the city is overwhelming. Also I had not seen all the bigger temples, on this trip I visited Engakuji, Tsurugaoka in daylight and Kenchoji again- this time seeing the 700 year old Cyprus trees.
Kamakura is a really nice place to think. There is something about the domestic size housing with gardens, forested hills, ocean horizon and the reduced white noise that reminds me of ‘home’ and enables me to connect to the artist I am trying to be. Maybe its also the steep climbing and unexpected view/outlooks that is a metaphor for the struggle?
Anyway I climbed to the top and got a white clouded view of Fuji, which I guess is also one of the moods of the mountain. I was disappointed in as not a clear day. On the way back to Tokyo I noticed several local passangers looking around to see if there was a view of Fuji. I started to think about a work which is light and captures some of the expression of hunting and collecting views. I am going to start a new blog/artwork that is just about Fuji and will link to it in a new post soon.

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