Monday, February 22, 2010

Grey week- music performances

The view out my bedroom window- grey on grey on grey- with earthquake mesh windows

After making the decision to make a work about going to all the famous Fuji viewing spots- every single day till three days ago was grey. Which means you don’t really see more than 500 metres ahead of you in the sky. i.e. fat chance of seeing Fuji. In fact the only view I have had- despite making some trips to good spots was a glimpse from a train window…

Now I have started the new blog, which is the log or catalogue of views, but have been a bit down in the dumps so it’s not very far along- i.e. not at all really. Although I have totally scared myself with the amount of work I want to get done in the next 2 and a half weeks (before I leave Tokyo Wonder site) but its good to be excited and have ideas.

Will put the link to the Fuji Blog- Magnetic Glimpses here, but perhaps check it after the weekend.

Yao performing- it took about 10 goes to get a shot with the lights on. the bright green is a senor he is playing.

In the meantime I have been going to the Experimental Music Festival and enjoying seeing the composers and musicians performances. The first night with performances by Matt, Bettina, and Yao was especially exciting. Tim M you should look at Bettina and some the groups she plays with- Wow wow wow!! Amazing contemporary and baroque flute performer, she gets an amazing range of percussive and melodic sounds from the various flutes she plays- this night it was a classical flute and a baroque traverso. I hope to see her play again before leaving Tokyo- those who have know me for a long time know this is high praise indeed. And Matt and Yao would fit with so many Australia arts centres and festivals- check them out!


  1. hi Raquel

    thank u
    and may i take the second photo and use it ?
    i will write your name with this photo if i use
    is it fine ?


  2. yes- I'll bring a portable hard drive to your studio with all the images and clips.