Monday, February 15, 2010

Kitsuné launch- wednesday

Maki, Kajsa (one half of Åbäke) and Yuri with the flowers sent for the opening of the “pop-up store” Kitsuné Boutique at Montoak. I still don’t have a photo that captures Kajsa’s joyful energy.
Kitsuné is another one of Åbäke projects, along with two others, a DJ and a fashion designer. It was a very fancy event full of fashionistas and one we only really managed to bluff our way into because I had no idea we weren’t strictly invited.
Second photo: Nicolas, Matt and Miwa after many of the translucent red, white and blue cocktails. Nicolas caught in full emphatic French point making, Matt winding him up, and Miwa laughing AT and with them. At this point I managed to scandalize some people in the uni-sex toilet queue because I bashed on the door of someone taking too long. It turned out to be an employee- probably checking her hair- bloody bludger.
Only on leaving, when I saw one of the store attendants vacuuming the newly laid tri-colour carpet, did I realize there was a French theme going on.
Third photo: After getting chucked out of the launch we went to what has become our “local”. It's a dangerous place- there are no windows, you don’t see the dawn light slowly coming, and end up leaving when the sun is already up. I wonder why I have put on a little weight and then I remember those second dinners at 3am.

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