Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Fear

The Fear got hold of me this week. It's that moment in making a new work when you start to see the end of the time you have and start to worry that you have:

a. Wasted time and not worked hard enough;

b. that you have/might have been going in the wrong direction with the work;

c. because you can see the end in sight here, you can see the work load from home piling up too;

and all of the above makes you freeze. No matter that it has also been very cold this week.


  1. I can only advise matter what you plan, accept reality and the process. What is done is done, what isn't done can wait till later. Anxiety is a form of perfectionism.
    Try and enjoy the process lovey.

  2. you know me- a panic merchant. Problem is here that there are a lot of very interesting distractions