Saturday, March 6, 2010

What is this?

Anyone know?

Seen next to Ikebukuro Station

I think I saw a similar van in Shirakawa; it was playing the same kind of calling announcement. The smell of what it was burning was terrible and kind of toxic. The man next to the truckin the second shot, is the driver/ owner. We waved at each other and he seemed happy that two gaijin (Lisa H and I) where paying him attention, no one else seemed interested.

So what is it? What is it selling? Haico, Andre- time for you to comment.


  1. from Haico:

    Sorry, can't post comments on your blog without first signing up for this that and the other...

    It's a truck selling roast sweet potatoes - the loudspeaker hails 'yaki-imo' in a nasal whining tone - more like 'yaki
    imoooo, yaki imooo etc' - either that or it's roast chestnuts. It's a traditional winter thing - people like it because
    it's 'natsukashi' - it reminds them of the 'good old days'.

  2. haico always knows the answer! even though he's sometimes wrong. he he.