Monday, March 15, 2010

Packing and planning while working

Second last day here at Tokyo Wonder site. Photos above give should be compared with the first ones I posted. I don’t think it’s too bad… Could be worse, but still it’s going to take ages to sort it all out. I don’t know why I am such a paper hoarder- mainly because I am afraid of forgetting things. And a zine maker… this would look good, extra photocopy here of a page etc.

Working on some stamps at the moment- will post (ha! you are probably not believe those promises now).

This is the lovely JR lady fixing up my pass and booking my first trip to Beppu for Thursday morning. It’s going to be a 4:30am start- ouch! She used every one of those stamps in the kit to activate the pass. The large one set to the Japanese year calendar is my favourite.


  1. Their love for stamps and officialdom is so endearing. I love their personal seals, which are so important...we have signatures, nowhere near as cool. Have a great trip, is Haiko there? (I collect paper as well, there is nothing to be ashamed of!)xxx

  2. Haico come in a week- so a week to travel on my own, which I enjoy but after week that will be enough.- Being on those fast trains will give me a chance to catch up on my blogs.

  3. you have inspired me to take some photos of my 'mess'...

    they will of course be highly edited..!!

    looking forward to having a nose around here a bit more...