Friday, March 26, 2010

Back in Tokyo

Hanging out with Hanako and trying to get some more Fuji rubber stamp drawings made. It turned cold again after a wonderfully warm morning, so we set off to the sento to warm up. When we got there we found out our local one is closed on a Friday night, so with the help of Hanako's iphone we located the next closest and headed off to Ebius.

It was a great little place- a real old local, shoe lockers in the alcove straight off the street, dance hall like ceiling, fresh flowers and a Banto, my first. A banto is an old man or woman who you pay to get your ticket and who is sitting watching both sides of the bath house which is divided by a wall, not sure why we have to be watched, maybe in just "tradition". When we arrived we were the only ones there so we could take some photos, which is normally not allowed for obvious reasons. I love the roof and dome hair dryers. The roof in the bathing area was barrel vaulted and had sky blue, bamboo green, and peach wide stripes. Instead of Fuji as a “view” over the baths, there was photo wallpaper of a bamboo forest.

Haico and I meet up today-yah. Have been missing him.

For the views of Fuji from the Shinkansen from Nagoya to Tokyo check here.

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