Monday, October 3, 2011

Saturday daylight savings.

After packing up at the John Hart Conservatory Fernando and I went to look at the monkeys. If you don’t know Launceston then you are probably doing a bit of a double take at the sentence.

Short story is that City Park has a zoo display of Japanese Macaques. There is a history of having animal displays in City Park and some years ago Launceston wanted to keep this tradition and so found the animal most suited to the weather conditions. Unlike the monkey park in Beppu, the monkeys are contained behind perspex walls because they have hepatitis.

Saturday was the day the clocks shifted to Eastern Summer Time; it was also the first day of the monkey being on display till 4:30 (instead of 4). We arrived at about 10 past four. The monkeys were very restless and soon started milling around the cave in the corner of their enclosure where the door is their evening enclosure. I think their body clocks where telling them that their keeper was late. Below are 4 short films of there behaviour during the 20 minutes of waiting.

Monkey #1: forlorn sitting and pacing

Monkey #2: agitated calls

Monkey #3: temporary abandonment of the waiting game

Monkey #4: waiting over

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