Sunday, June 26, 2011

flashed flowers #3

Kanagroo paw from the back yard: Anigozanthos Bush pizzazz

Early flowering grey wattle, stolen from the neighbourhood.

Rest in peace Kathy Eriksson


  1. Hi

    I have never seen the Kanagroo paw and the grey wattle before. It looks like they are native to Australia. Love the grey wattle. The yellow flowers are pretty. The red cotoneaster is very pretty too. I also consider that it was a good deed for you to harvest the berry fruits for vases!!

  2. Hi Sapphire

    thanks for stopping by- I'll get some photos of the kangaroo paw and wattle trees to show you what they are like. There is an avenue of wattle trees in Yoyogi Park near the plaque that commemorates the Tokyo Olypmic games- which is on the Meiji side of the park near where the rockers dance on Saturdays. I have not seen them flower but it was a mix of green and grey wattles- Acacia is the latin name for the group.