Monday, April 11, 2011

remembering Mambo

One year since he passed away. still missed.


  1. Que gato hermoso, son unas excelentes mascotas, lastima que produzcan alergias, aunque no todas las veces.


    Postes de madera

  2. Oh Your cat in the photos is really lovely!
    My former cat, miechan also passed away last year. I still miss her very much although I have a new cat. It looks like he loved boxes. Mie would often come to my bedside early in the morning and wake me up by tapping me on the head. Thank you for this touching post.

  3. HI Sapphire- It's sad our companions die, and it takes a long time to stop missing them. Mambo loved to be wherever you were, on the desk, workbench, seated at the dinner table in his own chair, we would always have to have an extra garden chair especially for him. It's not the right for us to get a new cat. But I am sure one day one will walk into our life like Miechan walked into yours- and how Mambo arrived over the fence into ours.

  4. To echo the immortal Samuel Johnson LLD about his cat Hodge, "A very fine cat ... a very fine cat, indeed..."