Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rest in Peace dear Mambo

He had a massive tumor in stomach area which was affecting his kidneys. There was no possible treatment, which we had suspected so pampered him for weeks till it looked like he was loosing the plot. Luckily he made it through ok till I came home. The demise was pretty fast in his last week, so Haico and I took the hard decision that it was best he took a one way trip to the vet. I didn't want him in hospital like Ruben, mostly because he was an anxious cat and wouldn't cope. The vet told us he probably only had days to live. He is now under the hydrangias in the front yard in the opposite flower bed to Ruben.

I instinctively look at the front door when I walk past expecting to see his shadow asking to come in. It will take a while I guess.

He was very restless his last two nights, getting up lots to drink, wee and lick at a vast array of food we presented him with. Poor thing, but he had a good and long life. He arrived to live with my parents and I (he was dumped over our fence) in my honours year at Art school. He appear in various of my performance to camera, which I am now keen to dig out the video documentation.

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  1. poor little pussy, you take it easy and the pain will ease...he had a happy loving life, just remarkable that he hung on till you got back...r.i.p. and make those hydrangeas bloom!