Thursday, April 8, 2010


Tokyo did not quiet spit me out- almost- I had a least 11 hours combined sleep over the 4 days. So what did I learn in the last days? All the things I already knew: I’m not very good with technical things, especially with computers if they decide to not work perfectly; if you don’t sleep enough hours you become stressed and can’t communicate well, and I become really forgetful and appear quiet crazy; you eat crazy food; you never have time for those last minute purchases.

The ride on the train to the airport was completely different to my arrival: grey rainy afternoon, very tired emotional and stressed, but I wanted to enjoy every minute, and soaked up the beauty. The cherry trees where in full bloom and had started to rain their perfect pink blossom. It was interesting to see clusters of them all over the city as we headed out north to Narita.

Another moment of surprise beauty was one of the parks along a river with baseball diamonds, the pitchers mounds look like UFO landing spots.

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