Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Conversations with cats: the Shirlow gang again

Lisa Kelly, a Sydney based artist who I have linked to before, sent me an email recently letting me know about a project she did a couple of months ago. It was at an artist run space in Marrickville that had a policy, for a short time, of not naming the artists whose work was on display, so she was not able to blog about the work till the policy changed.

The anonymous policy had me thinking for a while. I would have loved to take up the offer, when an invitation popped into my box asking if I wanted to show some work, as it would have been a great way to test some old ideas: where they recognisable to my practice; or wildly experiment with some really new stuff: does the work stand without my past practice. But this year is all about writing that thesis...

But back to Lisa's work..
She made a couple of nice observational works and I include some images and direct quotes from her blog here about the Shirlow Street cats- but go to her blog for the full story- the lizard walk way artwork is wonderful!

Visiting the end of Shirlow St in the afternoon and no sign of cats. Riding back after dark and a pair come galloping towards me from down the road, seeming familiar with a figure on a bike. They prowl around, tails up, expecting food. Returning to the gallery to get the box of Friskies. Coming back they remain aloof and disinterested in me. Smart cats.

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