Saturday, November 20, 2010

conversations with spring nestlings

I found this guy with a Noisy Minor nestling out of the front of Fisher Library. We had a chat (ie. I bombarded him with questions) and it turns out he found the nestling on the foot path. It was still calling for it's parents who where bringing it food. I suggested he put it down on the seat to see if they would still feed it which they did. So we found a suitably bushy tree to deposit the bird it and let nature take its course. As we where leaving two senior ladies passed and said that noisy minors often fall out of thier nests- interesting information- its not something I have noticed before.

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  1. Good shot! I had a mynah baby fall into the backyard and when I went to help it I got swooped on by a dozen adults- scary! So I left it alone and it was gone in a few hours.