Monday, September 6, 2010

human noise

On my third day in Nagoya I rode south and came to a temple... I can't remember the name of it, it was really hot and I was looking for a pool, but the temple was peaceful- mostly. I could hear all these children yelling. On investigation it turned out to be Akido lessons. These little films are mostly posted for the noise- I am a little disappointed in the quality after compression- But I hope you can see the dailek-like action in the second clip- I can't work out whether the exercise is to practice striking someone on the head, or to practice being beaten on the head- probably both.

The sound of the cicadas also sound quiet mechanical after the compression too.

The title of this comes from Sarah's new blog Human Noise, and these where the words that came to my into my head as I watched.


  1. I can imagine how sore their shoulders must be at the end of each session.

    But as for me, those cicadas would drive me insane!


  2. I guess the training is about strenghtening them- and they are young- they feel nothing.

    will post more cicada recording- I totally loved them I think their sound helps one cope with the heat