Monday, April 19, 2010

conversations with cats #2

In the first week home I was cycling along one of my regular routes I came out of a cutting to see about 10 cats trotting towards me with their tails in the air- a pack of friendly strays. It was the oddest sight. I have only ever seen two cats do this at once. I of course missed the moment to photograph them doing this. I guess there is someone who feeds them you arrives on a bicycle? I have wanted to go back and visit them but have not had the time yet.

The sense of wonder and pleasure at these stray cats is a new response for me- a post-Tokyo curiosity. Usually I would be angry and cross that they where there and that someone was supporting them (a typical bird watcher response). I was still concerned that the pack is growing as one of the young females (the tabby grey in the top photo) was clearly pregnant.


  1. Groups of cats are so wonderful! Have you read Kafka on the shore?

  2. no- I haven't read any Japanese literature except for two novels in Japan recently -tokyo year zero and the audition.

    I think my brother has a Murakami library- will take it to Nagoya to read.

  3. Wow- your comment lend me on a interesting research route- Now have to find that Beethoven Trio- Anyone got recording of the "Archduke Trio" (Piano Trio No. 7 Op. 97 in B-flat major).

    the premier was Beethoven last public performance as his deafness was affecting his ability.