Monday, January 2, 2012

Hard rubbish #4

I think this was that best pile of hard rubbish for the year.
Ecountered in September on Warren Rd encountered on the way to the supermarket.
Not only was it was probably the biggest pile I have seen in Marrickville this year, but it was the best because I actually gleaned two items, and I especially enjoyed its many clashing patterns.
The 3 stoneware Mikasa plates I took home and the lovely faded draw-lining paper I did not take home.
You can't see the black&white with fluro highlighted pattern shorts and top (with shoulder pads) that I took home and gave to the stylish and vibrant Dionie, but believe me if I was 12 years younger I would have been rocking the retro 80s look.
I also would have taken the painting 12 years ago but I am now in an expelling rather than acquiring phase.

It was a close call but this pile that appeared a few days before Xmas on School Pde was a pretty interesting temporary sculpture too. I did notice that chuck outs increased dramatically in Marrickville in the week before Xmas. Check out the vintage of the TV!

Happy New Year! I hope you have luck with both gleaning and chucking!


  1. Oh how I loved this post!... I totally agreed about being in the not-acquiring stage - but it can be so HARD when walking past piles of second-hand goods... Hope you're well. Jackie (WKBD)

  2. thanks Jackie! been thinking of you - I be in contact! x